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Colin Donald

"The little acknowledged challenge is the creation of new media forms that are of the medium, rather continually peddling old forms that are simply acquired over it."

That exactly describes the dichotomy in online TV production.

British producers - funded by the BBC or C4 - create shows such as Signs of Life that have interactive elements like games built-in via Flash (bbc.co.uk/signsoflife). You can't pull it off to pirate it, because it needs a database and breaks.

US producers make shows that are more like traditional sit-coms, though online, but are more creative about finding new sources of funding.

Nico Macdonald

Colin: Interesting observations here, and a good example to expand on my point. I am also interested in examples of the core 'product' being of the medium, rather than having an adjunct element that is of the medium. At a recent London Word Festival event, The Creative Word: Book Futures: Reading, Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age at the Bishopsgate Institute, Chris Meade of the Institute for the Future of the Book made a profound observation: "What we are really waiting for is the Beethoven or the Beatles that have us rushing to our laptops to see what they have done" [quote may not be verbatim]. We have to some extent achieved this in games, but not in media.

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