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philip lowe

pretty accurate in my view. No excuse, but too late to do anything about on the day. There are reasonably good unbureaucratic answers to your questions. Will have to wait til the next article/speech opportunity which is not immediately identifiable. Oxford was the first time anyone had been to a media-related event from here. If there is a next time, the presentation will have to be entirely different

Nico Macdonald

Credit to Philip Lowe, and the Competition Directorate, for getting out to media-related events. Hopefully the feedback he and others receive will be useful in evolving models of presentation and discourse.

Jamie Cowling

It is my fault that Philip's speech came across as too technical for some of the audience. Poor briefing so I hold my hands up on that. From a regulatory perspective - that's mine - I thought it was an interesting perspective and I was pleased that Philip took the time and trouble to speak at our event.

Nico Macdonald

An admirable mea culpa from Jamie Cowling. Sadly I didn't have a client wanting me to cover this year's Oxford Media Convention, and didn't discover whether the programming had been adapted accordingly.

However, Jamie Cowling did write a nice paper, entitled 'Digital News: Genie's Lamp Or Pandora's Box?', for a recent ippr seminar in which I took part, and about which I shall write in another post.

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