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Matthias Spielkamp

Thanks for the work of blogging the event. I think you are right on target, although for someone who had attended the WeMedia Forum, it seemed ok to have people talk about other things than during the day. But they should have taken the Forum as a starting point, indeed.

And I still don't see the point in Chris Yapp's yap about convergence. It has always been, and always will be an ongoing process. There's just no sense whatsoever in saying that it has finally arrived. We will have different media in the future. Will someone then get up on the stage and say: convergence will be there in five years?

Alan Connor (with an "o" ;))

It's a pity that you found the event to have an unclear focus: ISTR Robin explaining in his intro the strange genesis of the evening, and its tangnetial relationship to the forum (which was itself quite nebulous).

However, it doesn't have to be the last one; and if it isn't, we can all work out the focus we prefer, maybe?

Tim Ireland

Apologies for not making this clearer on the day, but my 'emphasis on search engine optimisation' was actually an emphasis on the importance of integrating with the community. Obviously you need to communicate effectively to do this. Oh, and it's backingblair.co.uk

Bill Thompson

It's worth noting that the 'political blogger' Guido Fawkes is in fact Paul Staines, a libertarian conservative who was central to the UK rave scene and is now close to Cameron's inner circle. Far from just being a maverick troublemaker he has a clear personal agenda - and it's always useful to know this sort of thing about those who appear on the public stage.

more on Mr Staines at http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Paul_Staines



I've just seen this. And I promise you that I did NOT say that local democracy is meaningless!

However, I have put a full transcript of what I did say on my blog - here:


Nico Macdonald

I have corrected Paul's comments. I did take notes at the time and thought I recorded his comments accurately. However the only audio recording on the event I can find, at Podcast Nation, doesn't include his presentation, so I can't check.

At another time I will address the idea that the problems of democracy are partly a result of poor understanding of the Internet by legislators. I don't believe IT can fix a problem that it was not related to creating.

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