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Donnacha DeLong

I'm [name] who said "there is proper journalism online, from BBC, RTE, Guardian. But others are 'cool hunting' and stretching themselves thinly." Thanks for note taking, it'll remind my hungover brain what happened when I write up my own piece on the talk!

John Kelly

Hey Nico. Good writeup. Just FYI, I'm the guy who said the following:

"Don't fall for victim mentality! Need to incorporate new media into journalism. Nick Davies might argue that PRs are killing journalism, Adrian Monck might argue that bad business decisions are responsible. And journalist also killing journalism, eg: Jayson Blair. Bloggers don't want to kill journalism: it is the teat on which they suckle. People want transparency and interaction. Note that Jeff Jarvis has a print column and book to be published. Oppose motion."

I'm a columnist from The Washington Post, spending the year at the Reuters Institute at Oxford.

Nico Macdonald

The additional information from Donnacha DeLong and John Kelly have been incorporated.

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